The New Artistic. A Closer Look At Jordyn And Alyia.

What really annoys me is when people complain about certain gymnasts not being artistic.

What annoys me more is when that person is considered ‘unartistic’ just because they’re not Russian, blonde or long-legged. (insert Nastia)

I know alot of people won’t agree with this, and that’s okay, that’s your opinion, but I think Jordyn Wieber is artistic. She’s no Soviet-era artistic and she may not be able to put her legs behind her ears, but you can’t say her form is fugly. Her form is clean and tight (Something we can’t say for some ‘artistic’ gymnasts cough. Musty cough.) 

Her bars are clean, I mean their not amazing, but she’s not sacrificing form for a higher difficulty, probs to John Geddert for that.

Lets look at Alyia Mustafina now, shall we? I think we’ve all been slacking her Amanar and that awful form on vault since her glory days of 2010. And her triple twist on floor now puts Catliana Ponor’s to shame. But we still all consider her artistic. Why? because she’s a Russian with amazing bars AND DID I MENTION SHE’S A RUSSIAN?

I know, alot of you are reading this right now and thinking I’m crazy for saying Mustys not artistic, but lets face it, if your calling Musty artistic, you better be calling Jordyn ‘I always hit my splits’ Wieber.

But,  a picture tells a thousand words..

Round One: Splits.






Now, its pretty easy to see who’s are prettier… But, that being said, Jordyn does hit hers, and it’s not like they’re going to give you extra points for going over 180 degrees.

Round Two: Vault Form






These pictures really speak for themselves, don’t they?  I’ll admit, these photos are from two different stages of the vault (sorry, I couldn’t find much better) but Jordyn’s form stays clean the whole way through, and Alyia’s is bad from the start.

That leaves it 1-1. I’ll let the final round be decided in London.


My Hopes For 2013.

Yes, I’m aware the Olympics aren’t even started yet, but I started thinking of what I want from probably one of the quietest years in the Olympic calender: They year after the Olympics.
I want Rebecca Bross to win the All Around at worlds. She deserves that medal after coming up too short twice before and if she doesn’t quit after 2012 (if she makes the team or not) she should be a serious contender for it.
I want Bridgey AND Macko to be on the worlds team. I love the Caquatto’s and how cute would it be to see them on a worlds team together? Also, both of them could challenge for a bars title.
Mckayla to unveil the TTY at worlds and have it named ‘The Maroney’ Cos’ noones gonna ever do it better than her.
I Want Katlyn Oshashi to have a break out year and be National champion! and beam champion at worlds of course.
I want Gabby to get a skill on the Bars named after her.
I need Amelia Hundley to just have an awesome year. I love that kid.
Ditto Lexie Preissman.
I want Sabrina Vega to keep up gymnastics. And go to University Florida.
I want great Britain to win a worlds team medal 2013 is the year they can do it.
I want a team competition at worlds!
I want the USA worlds team to be:
Mackenzie Caquatto
Bridgette Caquatto
Katyln Oshasi
Amelia Hundley
Mckayla Maroney
Lexie Preissman
Rebecca Bross
(They better have a team event. I want 6 girls to go!)
It looks like 2013 worlds is going to be a pretty tough team to get on!
What’s your 2013 wishes?
Comment below!

Best Gymnastics Smiles!

Best Gymnastics Smiles, The Nominees!

Amelia Hundley

Junior National Team Member

I mostly remember this exciting gymnast at PacRims for her awesome smile after every event! cant wait for 2013 for her to become senior! expect big things from this smiley gymnast!











Shawn Johnson

2 Time Senior National Champion, 4 Time Olympic Gold Medalist.

Everyone remembers Shawns smile from Beijing!







Jiang Yuyuan

2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Team.

This Chinese Gymnast made us all fall in love with her at the Beijing Olympics with her cute smile!






Alicia Sacramone

2008 USA Olympic Team Captain.

If you google ‘Smiling Gymnast’ Alicia is the first picture to come up!







Rebecca Bross

She keeps her game face on in competition, but smiles at every other moment! so many pictures of a smiling Rebecca out there, it was hard to pick just four!









Now vote for your favourite! deadline for winners is April 12th (Next Thursday!) Get Voting!


USA Dominate Jesolo


The USA girls were untouchable yesterday in Jesolo winning the all top 3 spots in the All Around.

First-year senior Kyla Ross scored just under 59.850 to win the all around followed by Alexandra Raisman (59.050) and another first year senior Sarah Finnegan (58.650).Image

Mckayla Maroney finished 4th All Around and scored 16.00 for another amazing Amanar

Kyla Ross had the highest score on the uneven bars (15.050) and Balance Beam (15.500)

New Russian star Anastasia Grishina finished 5th All Around after falling on the Uneven Bars but won floor (14.850)Image

Rebecca Bross did not compete in the All Around but was strong on Balance Beam and fell on the Uneven Bars.

Lexie Priessman won the junior all-around title (56.950) followed by Italian Enus Mariani (56.000) followed by American Ballie Key (55.650).

In the Senior team competition the USA started with a 62.650 on vault that Russia or Italy couldn’t compete with.

The USA finished with 236.950 followed by Italy 224.250 and Russia (who did not send their strongest team) 217.800

Lets Talk About Rebecca.

Let’s go back to 2009.
She was the star of USA gymnastics. Pressure for her to continue the WOGA olympic All Around legacy started.
High difficulty and a strength on uneven bars made Rebecca just what USA needed.
A fresh face, a new ‘It Girl’ when the country needed one.
But then go to world championships, where she didn’t win the All-Around like she was expected to do.
A crash on her final floor pass lost it. Did the pressure of what she nearly had scare her?
On to 2010 and finally a national champion. But a new challenge, a russian mountain to climb call Alyia Mustafina. Injury plagued her in the All Around Competition and a fall from the balance beam sealed the deal of only a bronze medal.
Yet again Rebecca fell short of her World Championship expectations.

But she re-mounted the balance beam, Got back in the gym, trained the same skill she fell on. Why? Because she wasn’t finished yet.

Nearly a year later Rebecca came near to ending her gymnastics career at nationals attempting a vault she wasn’t ready for after an injury at 2011 nationals. A dislocated knee that required surgery and she has to sit out the rest of the season. Including worlds.
2012 is the year for Rebecca’s comeback. And so far, she’s doing good. Throwing full difficulty, even with falls, her comeback and strong and powerful, just as you would expect from Rebecca.
But the Question remains, with younger talents coming up in the ranks like Wieber and Komova, Can Rebecca Do the big one and win the All Around in London, when noones expecting it?