Lets Talk About Rebecca.

Let’s go back to 2009.
She was the star of USA gymnastics. Pressure for her to continue the WOGA olympic All Around legacy started.
High difficulty and a strength on uneven bars made Rebecca just what USA needed.
A fresh face, a new ‘It Girl’ when the country needed one.
But then go to world championships, where she didn’t win the All-Around like she was expected to do.
A crash on her final floor pass lost it. Did the pressure of what she nearly had scare her?
On to 2010 and finally a national champion. But a new challenge, a russian mountain to climb call Alyia Mustafina. Injury plagued her in the All Around Competition and a fall from the balance beam sealed the deal of only a bronze medal.
Yet again Rebecca fell short of her World Championship expectations.

But she re-mounted the balance beam, Got back in the gym, trained the same skill she fell on. Why? Because she wasn’t finished yet.

Nearly a year later Rebecca came near to ending her gymnastics career at nationals attempting a vault she wasn’t ready for after an injury at 2011 nationals. A dislocated knee that required surgery and she has to sit out the rest of the season. Including worlds.
2012 is the year for Rebecca’s comeback. And so far, she’s doing good. Throwing full difficulty, even with falls, her comeback and strong and powerful, just as you would expect from Rebecca.
But the Question remains, with younger talents coming up in the ranks like Wieber and Komova, Can Rebecca Do the big one and win the All Around in London, when noones expecting it?


4 thoughts on “Lets Talk About Rebecca.

  1. If she stays healthy, and if she becomes consistent this summer, it is definitely a possibility. I have never seen a gymnast with so much heart in what she does. I would absolutely love to see her walk away with the all around gold. But at the end of the day, I reallyjust hope she is happy with all of her accomplishments!

      • I agree! I bet she could do an awesome full in as a dismount or even a combination double pike. I really do not understand why she continues to compete the patterson.

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