Gymnastics Questions Answered!

Since the internet seem to have all the answers, I decided to ask it some gymnastics questions!

So here we go, Im going to pop some questions into google images and see what picture comes up!






1. Best gymnastics Bar worker

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Gabrielle Douglas!  yes, she is one of the best bar workers in the world, that’s why the first image is of her is… on a beam?






2. Best Vaulter In The World

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Cheng Fei!  (Fair enough, but there wasn’t a picture of Maroney until the fourth page…)






3. Best floor exercise

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Lauren Mitchell! (I totally agree)





4. Best beam worker

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Nastia Liukin!  (she may not have won gold at the Olmypics on this event, but this is one of the most famous gymnastics pictures ever)






5. Best Gymnast ever:

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Nastia Liukin (it helps that she won in Beijing, but i think someone like Wieber would be more suited to this?)



And Finally,

6. 2012 Olympic Gymnastic All Around Champion

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Jordyn Wieber! (#WieberFever)




So, do you agree with this? any other suggestions for posts? COMMENT BELOW!

Best Gymnastics Smiles!

Best Gymnastics Smiles, The Nominees!

Amelia Hundley

Junior National Team Member

I mostly remember this exciting gymnast at PacRims for her awesome smile after every event! cant wait for 2013 for her to become senior! expect big things from this smiley gymnast!











Shawn Johnson

2 Time Senior National Champion, 4 Time Olympic Gold Medalist.

Everyone remembers Shawns smile from Beijing!







Jiang Yuyuan

2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Team.

This Chinese Gymnast made us all fall in love with her at the Beijing Olympics with her cute smile!






Alicia Sacramone

2008 USA Olympic Team Captain.

If you google ‘Smiling Gymnast’ Alicia is the first picture to come up!







Rebecca Bross

She keeps her game face on in competition, but smiles at every other moment! so many pictures of a smiling Rebecca out there, it was hard to pick just four!









Now vote for your favourite! deadline for winners is April 12th (Next Thursday!) Get Voting!