Gymnastics Questions Answered!

Since the internet seem to have all the answers, I decided to ask it some gymnastics questions!

So here we go, Im going to pop some questions into google images and see what picture comes up!






1. Best gymnastics Bar worker

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Gabrielle Douglas!  yes, she is one of the best bar workers in the world, that’s why the first image is of her is… on a beam?






2. Best Vaulter In The World

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Cheng Fei!  (Fair enough, but there wasn’t a picture of Maroney until the fourth page…)






3. Best floor exercise

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Lauren Mitchell! (I totally agree)





4. Best beam worker

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Nastia Liukin!  (she may not have won gold at the Olmypics on this event, but this is one of the most famous gymnastics pictures ever)






5. Best Gymnast ever:

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Nastia Liukin (it helps that she won in Beijing, but i think someone like Wieber would be more suited to this?)



And Finally,

6. 2012 Olympic Gymnastic All Around Champion

And (according to google) the winner is…..

Jordyn Wieber! (#WieberFever)




So, do you agree with this? any other suggestions for posts? COMMENT BELOW!


Get Ready For The Best Uneven Bars Final Ever!

London 2012 Uneven bars final is gonna be awesome.

almost as good as 2008 with all that ‘Nastia should have won, He Kexin was SOO underage!’ shizzle.


2012 is gonna be better. why?

I’ll tell you why.

We got theeeese girls!

Elizabeth Tweddle

This girls got spunk. and a crazy routine.

Blink and you’ll miss it!

after finishing in 4th in 2008’s bars final (fourth!) she wants her Olympic medal and here is where she’ll get it.

Go Beth! (And happy late birthday if your reading this!)

Aliya Mustafina 

She wants medals. Just look at her!

Her routine is faaaabulas and those connections? she’s been throwing tkachev into Pak Salto with ease!

and look at that face? that face says “i’m going to win”

(its kinda a scary face too)

Viktoria Komova

Dont let that cute little smile fool you. This little firecracker can swing!

The 2010 Youth Olympian and 2011 Uneven bar GOLD medalist is the front runner. Shes sixteen and will be peaking juuuust in time!

already has a move on the bars named after her on the CoP (say whaaaat?)


Gabrielle Douglas

look how high she is?

we don’t even need to see a picture of her face holding a medal to know shes good just look at the damn picture!

look at that release! a fifth place finished at worlds after alot of errors (kicked the bar…ooohh) Gabbys the best bar worker in the USA right now. (suck on that wieber!)

And finally, the best bar worker in the world right now:

Alexandra Raisman

just kidding.