The Gymternet 4th April

With Europeans, National Qualifiers and Classics all coming up, the Gymternet was pretty busy this week.

By the way, is anyone else getting confused between the American/Covergirl/Secret classics? (yes, I know there is no Covergirl classic any more, but I am going to call the Secret classics ‘The Covergirl Classics for the sake of an easy life.)

Lets see whats going on on Twitter this week!

“@Kyla_Ross96: I changed my password and I still got hacked! #Seriously”

Yes Kyla, you and nearly every other USA gymnast. and I don’t know how you guys managed to get hacked, why did gymnasts, of all people , click in to a link saying  ‘Easy steps to lose weight!’

Katlyn_Ohashi:My dates to prom! What can I say? I’m a player(;”

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen.




@Shawnjohnson “Finished copies of your book are in!! Some should be headed your way soon.” SO EXCITED!”

Whos getting it?

By the way, check out my twitter and/or blog for some quick hits on Europeans this week!

here is some of my favourite blog posts of this week:

Triple Twist Gym Blog did an awesome interview with former USA gymnast Shannon Miller

Also from Triple Twist, ‘Former Elites Where Did The Go? Part 3’ Loved this!

Full Twist give us the run down of Europeans including T.V schedules!

The Couch Gymnast gives us a look at the Juniors at Europeans next week

The World Gymnast looks at the Great Britain girls for the Olympics!

For some crazy reason I love reading about Junior gymnasts, and Bekahs Get A Grip Gymblog  covers some of the Juniors competing at The American Classics


My Hopes For 2013.

Yes, I’m aware the Olympics aren’t even started yet, but I started thinking of what I want from probably one of the quietest years in the Olympic calender: They year after the Olympics.
I want Rebecca Bross to win the All Around at worlds. She deserves that medal after coming up too short twice before and if she doesn’t quit after 2012 (if she makes the team or not) she should be a serious contender for it.
I want Bridgey AND Macko to be on the worlds team. I love the Caquatto’s and how cute would it be to see them on a worlds team together? Also, both of them could challenge for a bars title.
Mckayla to unveil the TTY at worlds and have it named ‘The Maroney’ Cos’ noones gonna ever do it better than her.
I Want Katlyn Oshashi to have a break out year and be National champion! and beam champion at worlds of course.
I want Gabby to get a skill on the Bars named after her.
I need Amelia Hundley to just have an awesome year. I love that kid.
Ditto Lexie Preissman.
I want Sabrina Vega to keep up gymnastics. And go to University Florida.
I want great Britain to win a worlds team medal 2013 is the year they can do it.
I want a team competition at worlds!
I want the USA worlds team to be:
Mackenzie Caquatto
Bridgette Caquatto
Katyln Oshasi
Amelia Hundley
Mckayla Maroney
Lexie Preissman
Rebecca Bross
(They better have a team event. I want 6 girls to go!)
It looks like 2013 worlds is going to be a pretty tough team to get on!
What’s your 2013 wishes?
Comment below!