Its been one heck of a ride guys… But it’s time for me to go.

It’s almost been a year since I set up this blog and I’ve had some great time sharing my opinions with you guys. But, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much recently. I’m really sorry about that but my life has gotten very stressful this year, I’m sitting some pretty major exams and even though I’ll never lose time for watching gymnastics, I think I’m going to have to sacrifice writing about it, at least for now. I started this blog as a fun thing to do, not really thinking anyone would even read it. As of today the blog has over 31,000 hits which is more than I could of ever wish for, so a major thank you to everyone. Hopefully I’ll still get to write a little by guest writing for other blogs when I feel like I have something valuable to say and not just because I want to update my blog.

Thank you to all my great contributers too, Maegen and Courtney. You guys have been great at writing for the blog and I always enjoyed reading your posts!


So, to sum up… Thank you.



The Future of Cincinnati Gymnastics- Interview with Mary Lee Tracy, Information on Lexie’s Upgrades

In elite gymnastics, just because you were once great, does not mean you are great. This is not only true in the gymnasts themselves, but also with their gyms.

1996 Olympian Amanda Borden went to Cincinnati.

Cincinnati has been a powerhouse in women’s gymnastics for many years producing many gold standard USA gymnasts, including 1996 Olympic gold medallist, Amanda Borden.

Leixe and Amelia both competed at the 2010 Nastia Liukin Supergil Cup

The future of Cincinnati is in safe hands with many talented juniors working up the elite ranks including 2012 Junior National Champion, Lexie Preissman. Lexie will be turning senior in 2013 and is a very eagerly anticipated competitor. She’s strong on all four events and will fit right in with any USA team and will likely pick up a few all around titles while she’s at it! Lexie is the 2012 Jesolo All around Champion, 2010 Super girl Cup Champion and 2011 Junior International Champion.

Amelia (left) And Lexie (right) are two of Cincinnati’s best known elites.

Amelia Hundley is another key Cincinnati member and will be turning senior in2014. She is also one of my favourite junior gymnasts! She’s a member of the 2012 Women’s Junior National team and won the bronze medal on bars at the 2012 VISA championships. She finished 3rd on vault at the 2012 City of Jesolo Trophy and came second on the same event at the 2012 Pacific Rim Championships. I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

As well as many promising junior gymnasts, Cincinnati also has many talented new seniors including Brianna Brown and “Poof” Alexis Beucler to look forward to.

I talked to Cincinnati President and Head Coach Mary Lee Tracy about Lexie and Amelia’s upgrades and the future of Cincinnati Gymnastics.


Congratulations on coaching Lexie Preissman to a junior All around Title, how do you feel now she is turning senior?

Lexie and I are both excited for the challenge of moving into the senior division. She is getting ready and training hard to raise her level of difficulty on all four events.

Have you and Lexie set any goals for the next year?

Yes! American Cup, depending on what the Olympians do, qualify to the European meet in the Spring, remain in the top three all arounders at Championships and make the Worlds team!

Any upgrades for us to look forward to?

A second vault with Tsukahara entry, new release moves on bars and two new tumbling passes!

Amelia has another year Junior, Have you set any goals for her?

Yes, she has another year junior and wants to make the European trip and finish in the top three Nationals and is also upgrading every event and is very excited with training!

You have many talented Junior and Senior Gymnasts in your gym; do you ever find it difficult to split your time with them?

No! I have an incredible coaching staff! I just added Courtney McCool in September to Amy Wert and then my level ten staff are also very strong and helpful!

How do you motivate your girls?

I keep them focused on their goals number one then we do alt of games and challenges when the periods of training get a little boring or long.

What’s been your proudest moment as a coach?

Several! Olympics 96 with Amanda and Jayc, Pan American Championships Games with Morgan White, American Cup with Jennie Thompson, Nastia Cup with Amelia and Lexie and Championships this past year.

Is there any new gymnastics coming from Cincinnati you’d like to mention?

“Poof” Alexis Beucler was at Championships this past year, she is coming along and will be a senior this year and there is another group of five hopefuls and I am very excited about them, time will tell!


I’ve a great feeling about this Gym for the next four years!

The Quad Awards Part One.

everyone’s doing ‘Awards’ now that the quad and Olympics has officially ended, and i’m aware that I can’t hold a candle to most other bloggers so I decided to do things my own way!

I asked you all on twitter who was YOUR winner in each category. Replies were few (but more than expected!) so here we go!


This was a tough one! The USA Olympic team was a front-runner, but so were the 2011 team and the 2010 Russians. 2012 European Championship Romanian team were also contenders as well as the Canadian team at the Olympics.

And the gold medal goes to…

The USA!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


No surprises there! the team that won the Team finals by over five points and each member preformed brilliantly! Well done USA!




Silver medal goes to.. Romania and Canada (It’s a tie. but due to public demand, there will be no tie breakers)


Leotard Of The Quad:

This cannot just be another pretty leotard, this is a leotard worn when history was made. Personally, I was rooting for Aliya’s 2010 WC Leo, but not too many of you were on my side with that one!

And the gold medal goes to…

My gosh! It’s a  tie between two Russian Leo’s both from 2012. I’m just going to declare them both winners, All hail Russia!

Russian EF Leo, Olympics







All Around Champion Of The Quad

There’s only four contenders for this award. Bridget, Aliya, Jordyn and Gabby. All brilliant in their own way and very successful

And the gold medal goes to.. 

Aliya Mustafina! Amazing, elegant, diva and the brightest star in the quad. 2010 were the glory days.






And the silver medalist is…

2012 All Around Champion Gabby Douglas






Check out the Flippin’ Olympic’s twitter where nominations for these awards are taking place! 



The Quad in Images: Romania

In the next part of The Quad in Images, we focus on the Romanian team who re-invented Romanian gymnastics team this quad.

(Click to enlarge)

I chose the Gold Winning European Championship team as the center image, because that was in my opinion the best moment of the quad for the team. I also included images of Sandra Izbasa winning vault at Euro’s and The Olympics, Catliana Ponor at Euro’s and Olympics, Larisa Iordache at Olympics and Euros And the Romanian Olympic team.

The Olympic Hangover

Four years of eager anticipation, four years of will she burn out? will she throw the Amanar? will she headcase?  will she make it?

And now its all over. It’s hard for the athletes, training years and years for that one week. And then its over. Even if they won medals then can leave the Olympic village with a sense of ‘What now?’ for the American women, it’s the Craptacular. Can you imagine going from an Olympics to the tour?? Not only are you exhausted but your also probably, a little underwhelmed.

The Russians are back in training already, Probably with their eyes on Rio gold’s already.

As our 2009-2012 stars tour the county and make their money through questionable indorsement deals, lets savour our lovely, secret juniors. BUT NO. MARTHA IS NOT ADDING ANYONE TO THE NATIONAL TEAM UNTIL JANUARY.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have gone through 3 months of non-stop gym-news, videos and medals. And now, nothing.

Roll on, 2013 and the new quad.