The Gymternet 23rd of May

for those of you who have been living on a rock (or idk, not on twitter today) shit went down.

yup, we had a battle greater than Svetlana versus Carly…

better than Russia Versus USA…

better than He and Nastia’s battle on bars….

this was the battle of the Memes. fought by @getagripgymblog and Unnamed GymBlog

(DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER!I Don’t want to offend anyone with this blog post, and i’m tote’s neutral in this epic battle)

So, everyone knows @GetAGripGymBlog’s epic tumblr meme account (if you don’t, you need to check it out. HILARIOUS

well,  Unnamed Gym Blog kinda copied her. And Bekah was not happy.

a few heated world were exchanged CALMLY until this:



And then this:

how to avoid having a gymblog-twitter battle.

1. if you use someone elses picture/meme/idea make sure to give them credit.

2. dont make things personal. keep to the point. (E.X. Slut, skanky, stupid ect,ect…)

3 If you are copying someone else’s idea, be subtle. (don’t use the same background)

4.  Dont bring Afan into it.

This argument got alot of  peoples interest, including mine.

@Fulltwist was at the mens european artistic gymnastics championships, but was refreshing her twitter to keep upto date with this fight and some of the (HILARIOUS) comebacks.

I recommend you get your ass on twitter and have a look for yourself, it has to be seen to believed.

As bloggers i think we’ve all learned a lesson.

“Don’t steal my shit, and we wont have a problem’



The Gymternet 4th April

With Europeans, National Qualifiers and Classics all coming up, the Gymternet was pretty busy this week.

By the way, is anyone else getting confused between the American/Covergirl/Secret classics? (yes, I know there is no Covergirl classic any more, but I am going to call the Secret classics ‘The Covergirl Classics for the sake of an easy life.)

Lets see whats going on on Twitter this week!

“@Kyla_Ross96: I changed my password and I still got hacked! #Seriously”

Yes Kyla, you and nearly every other USA gymnast. and I don’t know how you guys managed to get hacked, why did gymnasts, of all people , click in to a link saying  ‘Easy steps to lose weight!’

Katlyn_Ohashi:My dates to prom! What can I say? I’m a player(;”

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen.




@Shawnjohnson “Finished copies of your book are in!! Some should be headed your way soon.” SO EXCITED!”

Whos getting it?

By the way, check out my twitter and/or blog for some quick hits on Europeans this week!

here is some of my favourite blog posts of this week:

Triple Twist Gym Blog did an awesome interview with former USA gymnast Shannon Miller

Also from Triple Twist, ‘Former Elites Where Did The Go? Part 3’ Loved this!

Full Twist give us the run down of Europeans including T.V schedules!

The Couch Gymnast gives us a look at the Juniors at Europeans next week

The World Gymnast looks at the Great Britain girls for the Olympics!

For some crazy reason I love reading about Junior gymnasts, and Bekahs Get A Grip Gymblog  covers some of the Juniors competing at The American Classics