Interview With Canada’s Rising Star Victoria Moors

The Canadian star talks Olympics, College Gymnastics, Her Canadian Teammates and The American Girls!

Flippin’ Olympics: Whats been the highlight of your gymnastics career so far?

Victoria Moors: It has been being able to go to the American Cup!

FP: Whats the atmosphere like for the Canadian women in the lead up to the Olympics now that you qualified?

VM: We are all just working so hard to make the best team for the Olympics.

FP: How are you feeling about the Olympics? are you confident about your routines?

VM: I’m just training very hard to make the team! and my main goal is to clean up my routines.

FP: Do you have any plans to compete in the NCAA’s after the Olympics, like your teammate Peng Peng Lee?

VM: I’m not done highschool yet! But I am very interested in going!

FP: Canadas one of the up and coming gymnastics countries in the world. how do you feel about the future of Canada in the next few years?

VM: Gymnastics isn’t a very popular sport in Canada! so having a team for the olympics may open some peoples eyes around Canada.

FP: You mentioned you were interested in competing NCAA, is there a particular school that your interested in competing for?

VM: I’m not really sure of that yet!

FP: Can we expect any upgrade in your routines for the Olympics?

VM: No! Not much:)

FP: Do you have any idols in gymnastics?

VM: Uhm! Yes! pretty much every American girl

FP: Is there anyone your looking forward to competing with?

VM: Yes! all the Canadian girls!

Thanks for that Victoria!


Gabby Goes Pro!

She would have been one of the most wanted gymnasts of the 2014 season, but Gabrielle Douglas has just signed Pro and given up the chance at College gymnastics.
To be honest, I’m not surprised. Gabbys’ practically a lock for the London team, and she’s already signed up for the Kelloggs tour of gymnastics champions, were she’ll make a lot of cash. I always wished she’d go to UCLA or maybe Florida, but I think this was the right choice.
She’s following team-mates Aly Raisman and Jordyn Wieber who turned pro following the World championships where they won gold.
She’s now signed to ‘Sheryl Shade’ who represent team mate Shawn Johnson and Paul Hamm.
She’s now going to be able to take part in commercials, photo shoots and endorsement deals in the lead up to the Olympics.
She can also accept prize money for competitions and if she makes the olympic team (we won’t know until around 3 weeks to the games, but she’s a strong contender) she’s sure to cash in big time!