Whats Their Chances? Part 2 The 2011 Worlds Team.

Welcome to part 2 of ‘Whats Their Chances!’ Last time, we looked at the chances of the Veterans and YOU voted Nastia Liukin closely followed by Shawn Johnson as the veteran you think will be on the London team!

This Week, were going to be looking at the chances of the Gold medal winning  2011 Worlds Team.

I’m joined by Ashlee from tripletwistgymblog.blogspot.com , Bekah From getagripgymblog.blogspot.com And this week were going to include some interesting reader comments too!

Gabrielle Douglas

Aoibhe from Flippin’ Olympics: Man, I love this kid. I honestly thought she had no chances of making the Olympic team until after the American cup! Worlds did such wonders for this young gymnasts confidence! Shes a shoo-in for a medal in the Bars final, and she can help out team USA on possibly vault (Amanar!) bars, and beam and floor in qualifications! keep an eye on this young gymnast!

Ashlee from Triple Twist Gym Blog: It wasn’t until the American Cup this year when I realized Gabby could be a contender for not just the Olympic team, but the all around final too! She has improved tremendously on all four events, and seems to be getting more consistent. I think Gabby has a great shot at making the team. USA needs a great bar worker, and Gabby certainly fits that bill. She could help on any event if needed though.

Bekah from Get A Grip Gym Blog: Gabrielle Douglas is the fan “it girl” right now in the USA Gymnastics world, and it’s easy to see why. She’s easily the best bar worker in the US and is getting stronger on the other events every time we see her. Her weakness though, could be her consistency. She’s fallen several times in major competition, but when she hits, she hits. She’ll have  to prove to Marta that she will indeed hit.

Reader Opinion, Amanda B: This bright, young star is peaking just in time for the 2012 London Olympics. She moved from her home in Virgina to train with 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson. I’m not sure whether she’ll medal considering all the other gymnasts out there and her level of consistency. With her performance at the 2012 AT&T American Cup, she showed Marta that she’s just as good as the others.

McKayla Maroney

Aoibhe: Maroney is the front-runner for vault gold, but she may not even make the US team. Why? because they are close to drowning in the dept of their team. Shes rumoured  to be training a Triple twisting Yurchenko and upgrading her second vault to a Cheng, which will make her untouchable in event finals. Shes also upgrading her floor routine, a 3 1/5 twist to punch front.

Ashlee: I think Mckayla will make it. Unless she makes a major mistake, she is pretty much guaranteed a gold medal on vault and why would Martha pass that up? As we all know, her amanar is exceptional and she can bring in a decent score on floor too. All Mckayla needs to do is prove that she is consistent.

Bekah: I desperately want Mckayla Maroney to make the team. I think that every individual World Champion should be allowed to defend her title, McKayla being no exception. She’s the best vaulter in the world; she should go to the olympics. That being said, the numerical scoring difference between her Amanar and anyone else’s, may not be enough for her to stand out amongst the large number of gymnasts up for just 5 spots. Getting a Triple Twisting Yurchenko though, would secure her chances.

Sabrina Vega

Aoibhe: I don’t think there is really much of a chance of Sabrina making this team, even though she is a wonderful gymnast. If she was born in another country, or in a another quad, she would be a lock for an Olympic team.  I hope she keeps going with gymnastics and maybe gives a run for 2016.  I dont want this to be the last we see of her amazing floor routine.

Ashlee: Being honest, I don’t think Sabrina will make it. She is great, but her routines just aren’t enough to get her one of those spots. I can definitely see her being an alternate. I hope she continues after the games because she truly is a great gymnast.

Bekah: Sabrina Vega has the prettiest gymnastics of just about any American. I love her lines and her leaps as well. But she’s just “good” on each event. Although she placed 5th all around at last year’s US Championships, she wasn’t in the top three on any event. I think she’ll be a fantastic alternate. 

R.O. Amanda B: Sabrina is a great addition to the US team, especially on bars. Getting a silver on bars at Jesolo in 2011 and a gold medal on floor she has a chance at getting a medal. Sadly, she hasn’t competed in any national or international competitions this year.

Jordyn Wieber

Aoibhe: Of course she’s going to make this team. Shes Jordyn Freakin’ Wieber. (#WieberFever) I can pretty much see her on all events in Team Finals. And, Shes a strong contender for the AA and Balance beam titles

Ashlee:  I don’t think she’s going to make it. Her routine’s are not difficult enough, she is inconsistent, and doesn’t really contribute to the team on any event…..haha just kidding. Obviously Jordyn is going to make it for reason that we all already know.

Bekah: In my opinion, the one and only lock for the team barring injury is Jordyn Wieber. She’s the “Shawn Johnson”, the “Carly Patterson” if you will of this quad. She could potentially compete on all four events in team finals and is not replaceable by any other US gymnast. I’m so sure about this I’ll sell my kidney to the highest bidder if Jordyn stays healthy and doesn’t make the team.

R.O Amanda B: Wieber Fever! This girl is amazing! She’s an excellent addition to the team. After winning the gold at the 2012 AT&T American Cup and the bronze at the World Championships on beam, she is unstoppable all around. Carly Patterson (2004) and Nastia Liukin (2008) both won the gold at the American Cup the year of the games in Madison Garden and went on to win at the Olympics, hopefully Jordyn Wieber will too.

Aly Raisman

Aoibhe: I think Aly will make this team, shes consistent and can give to USA on all four event (She would most likely do bars in qualifications) I really think the team wouldn’t be the same without her leadership. Aly for team captain! and shes likely to medal on floor finals too!

Ashlee: I’m not sure about Aly! She definitely has a shot, I just don’t know if I’d put her on my team…yet.  I feel like she is replaceable on every event and it really does not help that she’s weak on bars. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes the team, but I wouldn’t be confused if she didn’t. She has the difficulty and the experience, it’s really just going to come down to what Martha wants come July 1st!

Bekah: Aly Raisman’s strong beam and floor have kept her as an Olympic contender in the minds of many Americans for a few years now. I had a bias against her for a long time, but have finally joined “Team Aly.” Her tumbling is just so clean! But, will she be outshone by newcomers with higher start values and cleaner dance skills?

Anna Li

Aoibhe: It’s likely there will be one bars specialist on the team, and since Nastia and Gabby can give on other events, I dont think Anna, who really is only a one event specialist, can make this team.

Ashlee: I know Anna won’t make it. She can really only help on bars and is very inconsistent. I like her, but the time just is not right. I would like to see her continue on after 2012!

Bekah: I adore and admire Anna Li for completing an amazing college gymnastics career and then moving onto elite status. She’s got an amazing tkachev that is certainly Olympic caliber. But she only has her bar routine going for her, which worries me. And while I’m usually one not to guess what Marta’s thinking, her choice not to have Anna Li fill in for Alicia at worlds makes me doubt that she’d put her on an Olympic team.

Theres what we think but what do you think? Leave your comments!


Drowning In Depth.

The dept of  the gymnastics in some countries is enough to drown in. Whether or not you make you make the Olympics could depend on what country your from and what your talents are. e.x, a strong bar worker would be a lock for team USA, but not for China.

Mckayla Maroney- Team Russia.

Mckayla has one of the best Amanars ever preformed, but the USA has countless amanars and she is replaceable on every other event. Russia on the other hand are desperate for an Amanar  to keep up with USA. If Maroney competed in Russia,  she’d be a lock for the team in London.


Mackenzie Caquatto- Team Romania.

Macko is a strong barworker, but the rest of her routines aren’t strong enough for her to be a lock for the US team.

If she was competing for Romania, she would be a very important member of the Olympic team because of her strong bars and vault.

same can be said for Anna Li, Nastia Liukin and Bridgette Caquatto.

Sabrina Vega – Team Great Britain.

Sabrina is a strong all-arounder and a member of the 2011 USA gold medal winning world championship team.

Its unlikely Sabrina will make the USA team, because of the huge amount of dept competing there right now.

She  would be one of the stars of team GB and could compete on all 4 Events.


He Kexin – Team USA

It looks like the Reigning Olympics uneven bars isn’t going to make the Chinese Olympic team, why? Because China don’t need another bar worker. team USA, on the other hand, does.

Any other girls you think should be in this list? comment below!