The Olympic Hangover

Four years of eager anticipation, four years of will she burn out? will she throw the Amanar? will she headcase?  will she make it?

And now its all over. It’s hard for the athletes, training years and years for that one week. And then its over. Even if they won medals then can leave the Olympic village with a sense of ‘What now?’ for the American women, it’s the Craptacular. Can you imagine going from an Olympics to the tour?? Not only are you exhausted but your also probably, a little underwhelmed.

The Russians are back in training already, Probably with their eyes on Rio gold’s already.

As our 2009-2012 stars tour the county and make their money through questionable indorsement deals, lets savour our lovely, secret juniors. BUT NO. MARTHA IS NOT ADDING ANYONE TO THE NATIONAL TEAM UNTIL JANUARY.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have gone through 3 months of non-stop gym-news, videos and medals. And now, nothing.

Roll on, 2013 and the new quad.


Whats your opinion?

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