Aly Raisman Shines, Jordyn Wieber Breaks Down.

We all saw Aly Raisman, the quiet achiever,  the glue – but never the star of the USA gymnastics team become just that, the star.

Jordyn Watches All Around Finals From The Stands After She Fails To Qualify.

When USA won the gold medal – a first since 1996 – Aly Raisman was the one to seal the deal for them, with a slightly watered down (for her) floor exercise that still managed to earn more than the two other american women that went before her in difficulty and final score. She could barely contain herself bursting into tears before the routine had even finished.

Just days before, Aly had qualified  All around finals. In the All Around finals 24 gymnasts compete on each apparatus. Aly and Jordyn

Jordyn Wieber Crying As She Won The All Around Finals At The 2011 World Championships Last October.

had finished 3rd and 4th while another american Gabby Douglas finished 2nd behind Russian Viktoria Komova.

Wieber had made a few mistakes, but this was only the qualification rounds, surely she could redeem her self in the finals, where she was a heavy favourite to win the gold, after all she was is the world champion.


Because Wieber had finished behind two other Americans, she could not qualify to All Around finals. This is because of the 2-per-country rule in gymnastics that has confused and angered fans all over the world. Gymnasts with a standard of gymnastics much below Jordyn’s got to compete in team finals while she was left sitting in the stands. After qualifications, the media had their chance to interview Gabby and Aly the American qualifiers and Jordyn was seen openly crying right in camera view.

Jordyn Breaks Down Crying When She Finds Out She Didn’t Qualify To All Around Finals.

Coming into the Olympics, many (including myself) had expected Jordyn to medal in many events in the games, the most likely was All Around Finals, the biggest prize of the games. But, because of some silly rules, this 17 Year old girl was left crushed after training hours and hours for a moment she would never have.

Gabby Douglas went on to win the womens All Around, Viktoria Komova of Russia finished 2nd, Alyia Mustafina of Russia tied for 3rd with American Aly Raisman but after a tie breaker, Aliya was awarded the medal.


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