And the Olympic Team Is….

Douglas, Wieber, Raisman, Maroney and Ross!!

This is Courtney, once again blogging while Aoibhe is on vacation. This is a team many had expected coming into 2012, but doubts had emerged but all of these gymnasts, proved themselves tonight. And while I personally would have loved to see FInnegan make the team, the Olympics came too fast. But lets break down this team going to London!

Gabby Douglas: Certainly proved herself tonight, by beating the reigning World and National Champion. Although struggling on day 1, and fumbling her grip tonight on bars, she looked like an Olympian tonight, and certainly has a shot to medal individually at the Games. Gabby was very jittery and nervous on beam tonight, missing some connections, and being off balance. But that honestly didn’t phase her. She came out looking like a champion and certainly deserved this spot. She also finished first on bars, and 3rd on floor.  

Jordyn Wieber; Obviously not a surprise. Although Jordyn was not at her best this weekend, and does have some improvments to make. Surprisingly, Jordyn semi-struggled both days on beam. She had major problems on her beam connections(more than usual) and looked nervous and jittery(as many gymnasts did) Her bars looked good, but surprsingly she struggled a little bit on her wieler(weiler?) kips. But her 1.5 pirouette to low bar transition, is much better and fixed from earlier this year. But she will need to work on the low bar, and get her beam connections hit and solid. She just doesn’t look to have the typical confidence we’ve seen from her in the past. She also finished 2nd on floor, tied for 3rd on beam,  and 4th on bars.

Mckayla Maroney; Defintley solidified her spot on Friday, and certainly tonight. With HUGE scores on vault(16.1?!) and a much improved floor routine, she also shocked many tonight by scoring a 15+ on beam!! Although she has still struggled with her 3rd pass on floor(she landed out of bounds today), she just runs out of room, so she will either need to change it, or fix how far she runs before the pass begins, becuase that won’t fly in London. But her vault certainly will! This girl gets huge air, and I would love to see her go for a triple, but she probably won’t. Vault gold medal right here. She won vault, and finished 5th on floor.

Kyla Ross; Was probably the most iffy of all these gymnasts. She fell on her vault Day 1, and watered back down to a DTY today. While her DTY is gorgeous that defintley hurt her. But her bars were one of the top scores tonight, and her beam did have some checks. The team can really use her bar set. She missed some connections tonight, and had some balance checks on beam. Her DTY was rock solid, and can be used in a pinch. But her bars really put her on the team. Having a superb bar worker, that can also work the all-around if needed was a great luxery to this team.She tied for 3rd on beam, and tied for 1st on bars.

And finally, Aly Raisman; was as close to a lock as Douglas and Wieber. This gymnast is rock solid, and I don’t care what you say about her form, she is much improved, and its not horrible. Her beam and floor is something you know you can rely on, and she can bring in some huge numbers, also a possible medal on floor. Obivously bars are a weak spot for her, but she hit them both days, proving she can hit them if needed. Her vault is still very iffy, but its possible it won’t be needed in Team FInals. She goes for the stick to hard on vault, and under-rotates it. She needs to just fly high and not worry about taking a step. Her first pass is gorgeous, and will be something to remember.Aly won beam and floor.


Sarah Finnegan; While she was a dark horse to make the team, I believe the Olympics snuck up too fast for her. I really hope she is able to stick around until 2016, and if not at least a few World Championships. She needs to medal in worlds! This gymnast is gorgeous and deserves a medal in some sort of event. Her beam and floor are gorgeous, and unfortently we were not shown any of her routines tonight. She had some balance chekcs, and a very wobbly routine on beam tonight, scoring only a 14.8, even though she is capable of so much more. Floor she seems to have hit. But she will be a fabulous alternate, in case of an injury to Raisman or possibly Wieber. She can come in for beam or floor. And in a super pinch, bars. She scored one of her best bars tonight, at a 14.75.She finished 6th tonight in all-around, floor, bars and 5th on beam.

Elizabeth Price; defintley had the meet of her life tonight! She hit everything, and wowed the crowd. Very much like Finnegan, the games just snuck up on her, and I very much hope she sticks around for another few years. Her vault is explosive, but she typically lands off to the side, thus usually taking a step out of bounds. Her floor she flies high, but her choreography leaves something to be desired. And her bars are also very strong. She hit a good beam set for her tonight, event hough its her weakest event. Could be used in an injury to Maroney, and Possibly Wieber or Douglas. Finished 5th on bars, and 4th on floor.

Anna Li; A bar specalist defintley had to be an alternate here. SHe blew her set out of the water tonight, upgrading her dismount to a full twisting double layout. Unfortently consistency issues last year I think left a sour tate in Martha’s mouth. Although she has hit strongly this year. Her bars are gorgeous and unique.Defintley would be used for bars only probably, incase of an injury to Ross or Douglas. She finished 3rd on bars.

This team defintley has gold medal possibility. All of these gymnasts are consistent, and if they do make mistakes, they are fighters! This is my esitmated line-up;

Vault: (Raisman) Douglas, Wieber, Maroney
Bars: (Raisman) Wieber, Ross, Douglas
Beam: (Douglas) Ross, Raisman, Wieber(this order is iffy)
Floor: (Maroney/Douglas) Maroney/Douglas, Wieber, Raisman

This team has the possiblity to score a 185.388 (based on averages of both days from Trials and Nationals) Along with a HUGE team total of 47.65 on vault.

This score would have finished 1st at 2010 world championships(by 10 points…) and 1st at 2011, by about 6 points. Also 1st at the 2012 European championships, by again 6 points. Defintley a gold medal favorite. Congratualtions Girls!!!! 🙂


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