2012 Olympic Trials-Day 1 Afterthoughts.

Hello everyone! This is Courtney, as many of you may have noticed I live tweeted tonight, and thought I would do a quick recap after tonight!

Wieber took the lead, as many expected. She was one of the only gymnasts who didn’t have significant mistakes. She preformed probably one of her best bar routines…possibly ever. She upgraded to the DLO with a full twist, which is a smart choice heading into London. She stuck the landing, and had a great routine. Her Amanar had a lock legged landing(like many other gymnasts tonight) Her beam routine did still have a few little mistakes(it looked just like nerves) And her FHS to full twist was not a connection. Although from the full twist to the BHS looked a little better. Her floor was hit, with her double pike looking as great as ever!

Aly Raisman, once again super solid. Her vault was probably one of the better ones I have seen her do. Although once again, a little lock legged on the landing, and off to the side. Her bars actually look much improved, especially if you look back at her ’10 routines. Her beam looked good, although she had a .3 balance check on her front pike. Not her best beam, but still better than others. Her floor was as fabulous as ever! It looks like to me that she landed out of bounds on her first pass, but she was only given .1 deduction. But the routine was great!

Gabby Douglas, well this girl is impossible not to root for. You can’t help but love this gymnast. On bars she surprised many when she struggled on a pirouette, it looked like she might come off the bar, but she muscled it over the bar and was able to save it. Still scoring in the 15s. Beam she missed her front walkover to back walkover connection, but was solid beside that keeping steady with a 14.9. On floor Gabby exploded! Her passes were flying high! She had a solid Amanar tonight also. Besides the small mistake on bars and beam she had a great night. Its obvious that the bars was a fluke, and her missed beam connection looked like she had it but then doubted herself.

Elizabeth Price, had the meet of her life tonight. Her Amanar, was the second best score. And her floor was huge. She has definite potential to be an alternate, and a post-Olympic star!

Nastia Liukin, was actually hitting a wonderful routine on bars, until the very end came, she was at the top of a handstand and just ran out of endurence, her bars bent over the bar, and she saved it pulling back up into her giants. She was no where close on her dismount, and fell on her back after only doing a double tuck. Beam was ok, with a missed connection and major balance check.

Kyla Ross, has some gorgeous bars! They were amazing, and she had the highest score(tieing with Anna Li!) While she missed a connection and looked nervy on beam she still scored a solid 14.9. When she went to vault, she decided to go for the Amanar, and was no where near where she needed to be to land. She caught herself with her hands before touching the mat.

Sarah Finnegan, while impressive in someways, also left some room for improvment. Her beam was the highest scoring of the night, beating Wieber, Raisman and Sacramone. With some balance checks and room for improvment. On floor she had problems with her 2 1/2 twists, but put her hands down to save from a complete fall.

Alicia Sacramone did her best tonight, but she has also said she wants to improve on Sunday. She connected her mount to a back tuck. which she hasn’t even attempted since 08. (And never really completley competed it successfully.) She had a major balance check on her front tuck. But had a successful routine. Her Rudi was a little bit piked, but still scored a 15.7. She said in an interview that she wants to stick her vaults on Sunday, I hope she does!

Rebecca Bross struggled tonight. While her bar routine was as consistent as she usually does. But on beam she had an uncharacteristic fall on her standing Arabian. Then she had her usual problems on the Patterson. I knew from the start that becuase she had already fallen she would doubt herself and not hit her Patterson.

NBC did not air routines from Brenna Dowell, Kennedy Baker, or Anna Li. Although Anna Li had the highest bar score(tied with Kyla) on night 1.

During warm-ups Bridget Sloan fell off bars on her Church, and sprained her elbow. She scratched the competition, and has said she has officially retired from elite gymnastics. This gymnast can never catch a break can she? Although I am looking forward to seeing her compete at Florida!

Team I WANT: Jordyn(AA), Gabby(VT,UB), Aly (VT,BB,FX), Kyla (UB), Sarah(BB,FX)

Team I think will Happen: Jordyn(AA), Gabby(VT,UB,  ), Aly(VT, BB,FX), McKayla(VT, FX), Kyla (UB, BB)


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