Before I Go… This Is My Team. Alicia Vs. Mckayla

I’m leaving on Thursday and I’ll be away for trails and the team announcement, so I’m going to let you all know my team before I go.

1 Jordyn Wieber (VT, BB, UB, FX)

2. Aly Raisman (VT, BB, FX)

3. Gabby Douglas (UB, FX)

4. Kyla Ross (UB, BB)

5. Mckayla Maroney (VT)

Alternates: Rebecca Bross (Incase anything happens to a bar worker)

Sarah Finnegan (Incase anything happens to a balance beam or floor worker)

Alicia Saramone (If she has floor back)

It’s pretty weak on floor exercise to be honest, and I feel like Mckayla could be changed with Sarah Finnegan for that reason, but whatever this team loses on floor, it gains on vault. Gabby and Aly could be swapped on vault depending on how consistent Gabby looks at trials. (Did you notice this team has the potential to have 5 Amanars? That’s if Kyla gets hers back)

If Alicia gets her floor back at trials, she’s a big threat to this team and possibly McKayla’s spot. If she hits her floor, she could be the 3rd floor worker (Gabby on floor is not ideal in a team final situation,  though she has been hitting floor this year.) She could also be the 3rd vaulter instead of Mckayla and bring in a similar score and possibly be a beam worker.

Over all you’d thinkAlicia would be a better choice for a team final situation because she can bring in big scores on possibly 3 events. Mckayla, realistically can only contribute to the team on one event.

If Alicia made the team instead of  Mckayla, this is how the team would look.

Team 2

Vault: Alicia, Jordyn, Aly (This team would score about the same on vault as team 1)

Uneven bars: Kyla, Jordyn, Gabby (No change to team 1)

Balance Beam: Alicia, Aly, Kyla OR Jordyn (This team doesn’t really need another beam worker as they already have 3 strong beam workers without Alicia)

Floor: Jordyn, Aly, Alicia (Technically this team appears stronger on floor, but Alicia hasn’t competed floor since 2011 Nationals, so there is a big question mark over her score)

Realisticly, Alicia doesn’t add that much to the team. The only place the team needs her is on floor and like I said, that is a question mark.


Whats your opinion?

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