A Journey to a Dream. Never Give Up Hope

It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote about my training, I had to take a week off because my body truly needed it. Ever since that week I have been back in action and stronger than ever! I’ve been working hard and trying to put in more time and last weekend, it truly paid off for me!

Since the first day I started training back in October I have been working on a glide kip. Of course at first, it was completely with a spot since I had no concept of swinging bars with any technique at all. For months I have worked this skill during every practice (except when I was nursing huge rips of course!) and lately it has been one of my biggest causes of frustration. Every time I would go everyone in the gym would say, “you are RIGHT there!” or, “that was SO close if you would just do (insert any advice on kips) you would make it!” And even with all of that advice and encouragement, I still hadn’t made one. It was aggravating, and eventually Bobby (man that helps me), stepped in to start spotting me again. It made me feel like I was regressing, I just wanted to keep trying by myself because everyone kept telling me how close I was! My bar training that day was not a good one, so I left the gym feeling a bit down and thinking that I would never get my kip.

I came in the next day to train and my body was so sore and tired that nothing was happening, so I listened and decided to take the evening off. Saturday morning I walked into the gym refreshed and determined and there was no place better for me to start my workout than on bars. I put my grips on, chalked up, and took my place in front of the low bar to do as I did every day, go for my glide kip and hope it would be a great day for them. I missed my first one, but I felt like I was closer than ever. My chest got up to the bar and I fought my hardest to get myself over that bar but only ended up hitting my chest against it and coming back to the mat. I thought in my mind, today is the day, I’m making this no matter what. I let my friend Zoe who has been working out with me take a turn so I could think about it. Before I knew it, it was my turn again. I step up to the bar, get focused, and go. I jump up, grab the bar, straddle through to extend, snap my feet to the bar, kip and I MADE IT!!! I FINALLY got myself up and over the bar and boy did I celebrate!! I felt so accomplished and felt so amazing! I was on top of the bar, and the world! Everyone in the gym stopped and stared at me and I did not mind one bit. I jumped down and danced around with Zoe like I had just won the lottery! To me, it felt like I had! After that, everyone wanted to see it, I made some more, missed a few, and finally ended bars on an exceptionally great note!

I wish that I could truly describe the feeling of finally making that kip. I worked tirelessly for months to get this skill. I watched videos of drills, and I tried everything I could every single time I was in that gym. People kept telling me that it was going to be one of the toughest skills I would face at this point but some days that didn’t make a difference to me. In the end, all of the work, determination and dedication paid off because I had finally made a huge step in my early gymnastics journey.

In the few practices since then, my glide kip has gotten stronger and I even made a few that I was able to cast into a back hip circle! Working so hard for that one skill for so long made me realize even more that the hard work will pay off in time. Just when you start to feel like you are getting nowhere you realize how wrong you are. So my advice to you this time is to never give up no matter how long the struggle has been or how hard it may seem. You will be rewarded for your effort!

Here is a video of one of my kips. It’s not the first one unfortunately (you would have loved THAT celebration!), but it is one of the first ones that I thought about casting out of! I hope to have some more videos of my training for you soon. Thank you always for your support!

I hope everyone enjoys watching VISAs this weekend. I am very sad that one of my biggest inspirations has retired, but I am so thankful I was able to witness Shawn’s great career! Chase your dreams and never let the struggles get you down. 🙂

Until next time….

Want to see Maegan’s kip? check it out here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv5lUkgP2NE&feature=g-upl


About Maegan

I'm 24 years old and started training gymnastics in October 2011 in order to chase my dreams. I wanted to write to allow people to follow me on this journey and realize that its never too late to follow your dreams! Please follow me and support me through this roller coaster ride as I train to work towards my goal to compete gymnastics at a high level!

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