Who’s Wearing What To Nationals? HOLY PINK COW

Yup, its nationals weekend people.

I’ve already told you what I want to see at nationals (you haven’t read it?! check it out here: https://flippingolympics.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/visas-predictions-dont-hold-me-to-these/)

I’ve kind of been wondering what people will be wearing,Classics was one of the worst showings for leotards I’ve ever seen. If I was there I’d wear Dougie’s purple leo from the American Cup. Love that thing.

But, most of USA gymnastics don’t have my taste, so I made a couple mock ups of what They might, but most likely won’t be wearing.

WOGA. this one was easy. Think pink and sparkly!

thank you, Nastia.

Every good leotard needs a jacket. don’t worry, I made one too!



“Go pink or go home”






What will our current World Champion be wearing? probably nothing similar to this…




And they Always Stylish Texas Dreams Girls: wont be wearing anything like this.




Some Cincinnati Leo’s:







This does NOT match the jacket. crap







I don’t believe for a second any of these girls (except WOGA) will wear anything like these. But, if you seem any similaritys  tweet me! (@FlippinOlympics)

So, I was thinking about what the USA girls might wear to the Olympics.  (they will wear pink at least once. and I will be pissed.)

So I’m going to do a teeny competition.

you know, the ones where the prize is the pride of knowing you’ve won?

yep, using http://www.dreamlightusa.com/team.htm create a USA Olympic Leotard and send it to me! I’ll announce a winner and shower them with praise.

Email it to me at Aoibhe1997@gmail.com

Get Creative People!



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