The Gymternet 23rd of May

for those of you who have been living on a rock (or idk, not on twitter today) shit went down.

yup, we had a battle greater than Svetlana versus Carly…

better than Russia Versus USA…

better than He and Nastia’s battle on bars….

this was the battle of the Memes. fought by @getagripgymblog and Unnamed GymBlog

(DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER!I Don’t want to offend anyone with this blog post, and i’m tote’s neutral in this epic battle)

So, everyone knows @GetAGripGymBlog’s epic tumblr meme account (if you don’t, you need to check it out. HILARIOUS

well,  Unnamed Gym Blog kinda copied her. And Bekah was not happy.

a few heated world were exchanged CALMLY until this:



And then this:

how to avoid having a gymblog-twitter battle.

1. if you use someone elses picture/meme/idea make sure to give them credit.

2. dont make things personal. keep to the point. (E.X. Slut, skanky, stupid ect,ect…)

3 If you are copying someone else’s idea, be subtle. (don’t use the same background)

4.  Dont bring Afan into it.

This argument got alot of  peoples interest, including mine.

@Fulltwist was at the mens european artistic gymnastics championships, but was refreshing her twitter to keep upto date with this fight and some of the (HILARIOUS) comebacks.

I recommend you get your ass on twitter and have a look for yourself, it has to be seen to believed.

As bloggers i think we’ve all learned a lesson.

“Don’t steal my shit, and we wont have a problem’



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