Flippin’ Olympics European Championships Awards!

Euros were full of surprises. Surprise medals, surprise gymnasts and surprising leotards!

Here at Flippin’ Olympics we’ve decided to treat you to some awards from this wonderful competition!

First up,

Best Team Spirit Award.

This one has to go to Romania! they nearly had me in tears during the medal ceremony when they collected their well-fought-for gold medals. I was so cute to see the ‘Mothers’ of the team Sandra and Catalina celebrating with the young ‘uns!

And Larisa and Catalina’s chemistry during team finals where they both went 1-2 on beam and floor! Catalina even looked happy to be knocked out of first place by Larisa!

Runners up:

Great Britain had a hard time in team finals after being knocked into 4th place by rivals Italy, but the girls always looked happy on and off the podium! and were tweeting when ever they weren’t competing keeping everyone up-to-date!

The British Team bring home 3 Bronze medals. 2 from senior Hannah Whelan and 1 from junior Gabrielle Jupp

Best Leotard

This is a tough one. There has been a lot that I’ve liked, but Larisa’s yellow and black leotard from Event Finals really caught my eye! I know its a bit like marmite – you either love it or hate it – and I love it! I love the black zig-zags on the side, the bright eye catching yellow and the lack of sparkles! Its original and suits this lovely gymnasts personality!








Runner up

The Netherlands junior teams leotard for event finals was so cute! I loved the big bright colours.










Most deserved medal.

I was so happy to see Catalina Ponor win Balance beam! She gave a great set with only one noticeable mistake and unlike everyone else in the final: managed to stay on the apparatus.



Runner up

I’m going to say Izbasa’s gold on vault. She gave two cracking vaults to overcome the favorite Oksana Chusotiva.



Worst Leotard.

There will be no runner up to this leotard. There is also no words to describe this skin-colored fugly-ness. Please Greece, we know your whole country is having a rough time right now, but please don’t wear these again. PLEASE.





Biggest disappointment.

Great Britain finishing in 4th place.

They could have easily finished in 3rd and brought home a bronze medal, but 2 falls from the balance beam let Italy move up ahead of them. It would have been really exciting for the girls to bring home a team medal in their Olympic year, and this was the best chance they got. Oh well.

Best Gymnast Of Euros.

This ones easy. Who else could it go to? Larisa Iordache showed us she was a team player, strong AA and EF competitor.

she scored a 60.133 in qualification the highest AA score by a mile! Proving that London is well within her reach.


What a brilliant competition! 



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