Romania New European Champions!

The competition had falls from the gold and silver medallists but it was a battle that was fought right until the very end.
Romania hava a strong start on vault, with Catlina, Larisa & Izbasa all scoring over 15.
Russia count a fall from the balance beam from Anastasia Sidorova. A shaky performance from Viktoria Komova but a strong set from Grishina.
Great Britain all hit their bar routines.
In the 2nd rotation Aliya controls her floor routine well – no falls- but a big step to the side in her final pass.
The Romanians all hit their bar routines without major error.
Great Britain counts two falls from the balance beam from Hannah Whelan and Jenni Pinches.
In the 3rd rotation: the 3 Russians perform DTY. Alyia sticks it! and we see a big smile!
Larisa Iordache carries the first Romanian mistake. She falls from the beam.
Catlina Ponor gives a near flawless routine to keep Romania on top!
Oksana GER does her usual Rudi 1&1/2 low landing and a step back. Not her usual standard.
In the final rotation, Russia are on Bars and Romania on floor. Russia need more than 3 points to over take first place Romania. Possible for them.
Anastasia hits her routine, didn’t catch the score but I imagine its up there with her qualification (2nd place to bar final) Alyia is waiting now, let’s see how she handles it. Great routine and she sticks the dismount! That’s the best bars I’ve seen from her! An 15.833 (I’m nearly sure that’s the highest score, so far)
Komova is next on bars. Great routine, just a smaill hop on landing 15.766.
Diana Bulimar and Catlina Ponor both gave great performances on floor. Its all down to Larisa now.
Larisa-floor Great Double Double! Smaill step on landing. Whip to triple. Wow finished with a double tuck! I think that does it for Romania! She needs a 14.281 to win. She’s done more than enough!
Just waiting for the score.
Still waiting..
15.033! Romania are the new European champions! 176.288 to Russia’s 175.536!
Russia look disappointed, but Romania couldn’t be any happier!


Credit to The Gymnastics Examiner for the lovely images! see the rest here:


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