European Championships Qualifications: Recap

Europeans are proving to be just a dramatic as everyone expected.  I’m not in Brussels, but thanks to Twitter and Facebook me and every other gymfan has been kept well up-to-date!

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Romania surprised many by qualifying in 1st place to finals nearly 5 points ahead of favorites Russia! And I think they won best leotards of qualifications!

Larisa Iordache qualified in 1st place to floor event finals with 15.133 followed by fellow Russian Catlina Ponor wih 14.800

Sandra Izbasa qualified in 2nd place to vault finals behind Chusovitina Oksana of Germany.

Larisa Iordache also qualified on 1st place to beam finals followed by Catlina Ponor and 8th place to bars.

If there was an all around Larisa would be the top qualifier with a 60.13 3rd plav2 (wow)

The Russian didn’t have the qualifying round they had hoped for. The returning ‘Queen’ of gymnastics, Alyia Mustafina made a major error on bars and and sat down her second tumbling pass on floor as she did not compete beam she failed to qualify for any finals which is a huge disapointment  for her and all of her fans.

Komova and Grishina went 1-2 in bar qualifications with a 15.508 and 15.333 respectivly

Komova and Grishina also qualified to beam finals in 3rd and 5th place.

Great Britain finished qualifications in 3rd place ahead of Italy and France. The British girls were delighted and proved that even without stars such as Beth Tweddle, Imogin Carins and Becky Downie they’re still just as strong!

15 year old Ruby Harrold debuted one of Britain’s only double twisting yerchenkos and qualified in 4th place to bars finals!

Hannah Whelan had an excellent day and qualified in 4th place to bars and floor finals and finished 3rd place in the All-Around scores!

Rebecca Tunney also qualified to floor finals in 6th place!

Greece had the most, um, ‘interesting’ leotards of the entire day. I’ve never been a fan of skin-coloured bits leotards, but this takes the biscuit.






Quite possibly the funniest picture to come out of Euros. no, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, that is Danusia Francis holding Russian world champion Viktoria Komova as part of the Great Britain girls ‘take a picture holding a Russian’ game.






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