Interview With Canada’s Rising Star Victoria Moors

The Canadian star talks Olympics, College Gymnastics, Her Canadian Teammates and The American Girls!

Flippin’ Olympics: Whats been the highlight of your gymnastics career so far?

Victoria Moors: It has been being able to go to the American Cup!

FP: Whats the atmosphere like for the Canadian women in the lead up to the Olympics now that you qualified?

VM: We are all just working so hard to make the best team for the Olympics.

FP: How are you feeling about the Olympics? are you confident about your routines?

VM: I’m just training very hard to make the team! and my main goal is to clean up my routines.

FP: Do you have any plans to compete in the NCAA’s after the Olympics, like your teammate Peng Peng Lee?

VM: I’m not done highschool yet! But I am very interested in going!

FP: Canadas one of the up and coming gymnastics countries in the world. how do you feel about the future of Canada in the next few years?

VM: Gymnastics isn’t a very popular sport in Canada! so having a team for the olympics may open some peoples eyes around Canada.

FP: You mentioned you were interested in competing NCAA, is there a particular school that your interested in competing for?

VM: I’m not really sure of that yet!

FP: Can we expect any upgrade in your routines for the Olympics?

VM: No! Not much:)

FP: Do you have any idols in gymnastics?

VM: Uhm! Yes! pretty much every American girl

FP: Is there anyone your looking forward to competing with?

VM: Yes! all the Canadian girls!

Thanks for that Victoria!


One thought on “Interview With Canada’s Rising Star Victoria Moors

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