Drowning In Depth.

The dept of  the gymnastics in some countries is enough to drown in. Whether or not you make you make the Olympics could depend on what country your from and what your talents are. e.x, a strong bar worker would be a lock for team USA, but not for China.

Mckayla Maroney- Team Russia.

Mckayla has one of the best Amanars ever preformed, but the USA has countless amanars and she is replaceable on every other event. Russia on the other hand are desperate for an Amanar  to keep up with USA. If Maroney competed in Russia,  she’d be a lock for the team in London.


Mackenzie Caquatto- Team Romania.

Macko is a strong barworker, but the rest of her routines aren’t strong enough for her to be a lock for the US team.

If she was competing for Romania, she would be a very important member of the Olympic team because of her strong bars and vault.

same can be said for Anna Li, Nastia Liukin and Bridgette Caquatto.

Sabrina Vega – Team Great Britain.

Sabrina is a strong all-arounder and a member of the 2011 USA gold medal winning world championship team.

Its unlikely Sabrina will make the USA team, because of the huge amount of dept competing there right now.

She  would be one of the stars of team GB and could compete on all 4 Events.


He Kexin – Team USA

It looks like the Reigning Olympics uneven bars isn’t going to make the Chinese Olympic team, why? Because China don’t need another bar worker. team USA, on the other hand, does.

Any other girls you think should be in this list? comment below!


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