Tuesday Rambles.

Sometimes I need to rant about things that make me upset (and I’m going to limit this to Gymnastics related things that make me upset – for your sake!) So, here we go, every Tuesday I’m going to let you guys know what’s bothered me this week. And this week, after doing some YouTube research of gymnastics, one thing REALLY annoyed me.
Tim Effin’ Daggett.
I don’t care if this guy won a ton of olympics medals or whatever, he don’t know shit about gymnastics!
What really annoys me is when he says things like this (and he does this a lot!): “Woah! Huge skill right there!” What skill? What is called? Don’t tell me that’s a huge skill and don’t tell me what its called!
“Oh, that’s a deduction.” How much of a deduction?? Tell me!
“She’s a diva. her coachs say she’s hard to work with” DOES THAT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER GYMNASTICS!?
“This vault starts 7 tenths of a point higher!” Okay, I know your talking about an amanar and a DTY but a lot of people don’t know what the crap your talking about!
I don’t really dislike Ellfie, apart from her constant need to say “balance check” 50 times during a beam routine and I like Al, I find his stupidity refreshing.
But Tim? Can’t stand him.
I’m luck enough to have BBC (I live in Ireland) and I feel like I’ve learned something after watching it. And Christine can predict the winner nearly every frickin’ time so please Tim, if your reading this do me a favour: quit.
So that’s a tuesday ramble. I just had to get that off my chest.
by the way, the ‘what’s their chances post is pretty behind right now, it sound be up soon, hopefully by the end of the week, but I’m back to school now and I ain’t got the time! So expect a lot of un-edited posts from my phone.. This is why I need someone to help out with the blog! A co-admin or something… Or just to write some articles or something. Just email me.. Aoibhe1997@gmail.com..


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